“Change is the only constant” is a phrase you’ve probably heard before. Perhaps you’ve also heard that “People don’t really change” or “You can’t change a person.” We would tell you that people are always changing, and everything does indeed change, all the time. Whether you perceive the changes or not is only a matter of perspective and awareness. In fact, you are changing at this very moment.

– Michael Channeled Nov 7th 1999 by Lori Tostado. 

Michael is a group soul, a collective consciousness of 1050 essences who finished all their lifetimes on Earth, cycled off the physical plane, and recombined into an Entity who now resides and teaches from the mid-causal plane.

Basically, they (Michael usually refers to themselves as “we” rather than “I”) are spirit-guides and mentors to us here on Earth, channeling their wisdom and energy to us for our spiritual advancement and learning. Through this, Michael also learns and evolves. The journey they have taken is the same one we are on, they are just in another plane of existence now.

This is one Universal Truth that you agreed to as spirits entering the physical plane. Change is something you literally do not have a choice about while you are participating here. The only thing you can choose, besides making conscious changes yourself, is how you react to change. Life is like that. You either adapt to changes, or you perish. This is a natural law of the physical plane.



It is through adaptation to change that species evolve, and this works on a soul level as well. Of course your soul does not perish after the death of your physical being, but the principle of adapting to change is what allows you spiritual growth, development, and eventually getting all the lessons of the physical plane which lead to cycling off, going back to the Tao.

On the physical plane, you cannot stop changing, you may only delay the consequences through resistance. How do you react to change in your life? Do you embrace changes with open arms and love in your heart? Or do you dread it like the plague, fearing for your very existence? Are you the director of changes in your life, or are you merely a boat on the choppy sea, drifting wantonly wherever fate sends you? You always have the choice of how to react to change. No matter how beyond your control, no matter how scary the circumstance, you choose what to do about it.

Often times it’s not your Essence choosing your reactions though-that’s why you have an ego, that part of your mind that was made to protect and keep alive your physical body and personality. Under stressful circumstances, the ego takes over and usually its modus operandi is going to be through the Chief Feature, which, like all Chief Features, is ruled by fear. Particularly the fear of change is ruled by the Chief Feature of Stubbornness. Every person is going to have a certain amount of Stubbornness even if it is not one of their main Chief Features (unless a person is one of the rare individuals who has extinguished the Chief Feature, quite a feat.) that will come up under certain situations that the ego finds threatening.

Stubbornness is the most common form of resistance to change, and the most typical manifestation from Stubbornness is denial that the change is happening, or denial that the consequences will ensue. When one extreme is reached, it will begin to change back into its opposite. This is the cycle by which change occurs in physical reality. The heat of summer eventually turns into the cold of winter, and vice-versa. Being a part of nature yourselves, humanity’s reality will fulfill these cycles as well. When you resist the changes, you are denying your very nature, and you will inevitably have your lessons learned in a painful way, much more slowly than you would have, had your attitude towards the changes been one of acceptance rather than resistance.


So, change is always happening, and when one reacts to change with fearful resistance, one is in denial. So what does denial lead to? Stupidity. We do not judge you as stupid beings, but you often do stupid things because of your fear-based beliefs. Someone once defined stupidity thus: “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.” It doesn’t work. You cannot change the results of an action until you change your reaction to the cause. Resistance to change doesn’t work, and so therefore, Stubbornness doesn’t work.

This is one of the traps of Chief Feature that can really hold you in a pattern of fear. Animals can be conditioned to do something different if an action they are doing leads to an undesirable outcome. A cow that gets shocked from an electric fence whenever she touches the fence will quickly learn not to get close to fences, to prevent a painful shock. And even when the electricity is off, she will still never go near that fence again based on past experience.

Even when things have changed, the animal will still do what worked previously unless there is another provoking stimulus. Yet stubborn human beings will still do the same thing over and over, even if they know the outcome will be painful, somehow hoping that this time the outcome will be different. Why do you do that? Ignorance? Stupidity?

Is it the fear of change-not being willing to adapt? Sometimes this is the case. Other times it can be something more complicated, in that you just can’t see how the alternatives are going to make the outcome change either. You may have been conditioned to believe that all your choices will lead to pain, and therefore, like the cow that won’t go near fences even when the electricity is turned off, you fear trying a different path because it lead to pain in the past, even when the reason you tried it way back then was totally different.

Your ego, in its limited wisdom, has trained you to avoid pain, or to tolerate/prefer one painful situation over the fear that another way might be worse. But the ego has kept you alive in times of true life-and-death danger, which is what it was designed for. It just does not realize that it goes too far sometimes in its survival efforts. Fortunately, through awareness, you can decide whether or not to allow your ego to rule your life, or your Essence, and what kind of balance is required. In the cycle of change, you will constantly need to adapt.

We would recommend to you to embrace change when it’s happening. Consciously welcome change into your life, allowing Love to fill your being as soon as you realize your ego is sending you fear-based thoughts even when your life is certainly not in danger. This takes some practice, and patience. Start out with just taking a deep breath when you feel you’re resisting something. If something is changing that you truly do not want to happen, do what you need to do to change that. If you have no control over the situation, then your thoughts, intents and prayers do make a difference, even if you cannot see the results right away.

Thought is energy, and energy makes change occur. You are energy and you are always changing. Choose to embrace change, and you become the ruler of your own destiny rather than a victim of changes. Your challenges will not be so painful once you embrace them as your ambassadors of change. Being the ruler of your own destiny means changing yourself, your beliefs that hold you back, and letting go of the fears that keep you bound in denial. Make changes where you need to and your example catalyzes the changes in other people around you, because you are all connected. The nature of change and the change of nature are intertwined in a spiral in which you are as integral a part as everything in the universe.


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