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How To Find Happiness

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Have you ever felt let down when you finally achieved a goal you have been striving for? I was explaining to someone that the disappointment they felt on achieving a goal was due to them using only their masculine energy, action, for the process of achieving their goal. Incorporating some  “being.” would completely change how […]

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How To Recognise Your Soulmate


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What’s Stopping You Meeting Your Soulmate Before I tell you how to recognise your soulmate let’s first consider two things that prevent this from happening. 1. Waiting. The term soul mate has been distorted and romanticised in the media and as a result you may find yourself ‘waiting’ for your ideal relationship and/or partner to […]

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A Fun Game To Attract More Money


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A message from Abraham channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks Abraham: Usually. Now, here is the thing. A lot of people that are teaching goal setting will say to you, “set your goal”, and by that, they mean, decide what you want and when you want it. Well, the advantage of that is it makes it […]

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Only 17 seconds away from your true desires!


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Only 17 seconds away from your true desires! A message from Abraham channeled by Esther and Jerry Hicks Wednesday, 31 October, 2007 If you can hold a thought, just a simple thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it, another thought like it same shape, same size, same vibration, same tone, by law of attraction another […]

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Prosperity – The 7 Secrets – Part 1


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Prosperity – The 7 secrets of prosperity and money – In this one special report you’re going to learn what you need to know about finances so you can cut through that blizzard of financial information out there to find exactly what you need to know about prosperity and discard the rest..

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